What is coaching, really?

Coaching has become more popular than ever! Most of us have heard about coaching, but coaching can have different roles. You can for example be a coach in sports and you’ll be practicing sports coaching or team coaching. Another known way of using coaching as a term, is for groups. A team coach is guiding teams. And you can be a Life Coach, helping people with personal challenges. What is common with all types of coaching is guiding you from one place – to another, depending on what the objective is.


Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you don’t know how to manage or you feel you need some kind of support. In a coaching process, you will do a mapping of where in your life you’d like improvements. Maybe you want a better relationship with yourself, find strengths, you want to feel more confident in some situations, have better relationships, handle situations better and so on. Or maybe you have a goal you’d like to work towards? In the coaching process, the coach is there for YOU, to support you, challenge you or give you what you need in the process. The coach is helping you find what you need to do the improvements you want.


Video calls have given more opportunities for coaching. It takes less time to get to the appointment and it’s more flexible. If you’d like to schedule coaching via video call, remember to be in a place you have privacy, where you have access to wifi and for better audio quality I recommend using a headset.


In a one-to-one coaching session, you will meet in person in an office or at another meeting point. The first meeting is to do a mapping about the situation and what outcome you’d like from the process. Together we do an agreement if this is a match for continuous collaboration. The coach is the leader of the process, but you are the one who needs to do the effort and have the answers.


The benefit of getting a coach is the coach is there for YOU without any personal agenda. The coach has 100% confidentiality, so for the best results, it’s important that you have trust and are committed to do the effort in the coaching session. The coach is trained to see you and have experience to know how to work with the process to get the results that you want. Neuro science is claiming that you can’t solve a problem on the same level as the problems at. Often you need another person to help you see, to change your thinking pattern and your belief system to do these changes. If you are ready to make self improvements, to grow, to go out of your comfort zone or reach any goal, schedule a video

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