3 steps how to change your mindset

By changing your MINDSET, you can change your life. Forget about talent, skills, money, or network. How you think about yourself, what you tell yourself you can or can’t do, can be the difference between life in your dreams. All you need is to have the courage to look within, to identify if your beliefs are supporting your dreams and if not, replace your old behaviour or beliefs, with the ones which are supporting your dream. Send me an email or text if you want me to help you identify your limiting beliefs and help you reframe your mindset to get a better, more healthy mindset that is supporting you in reaching your goals!


Write down your general beliefs you feel strongly about and that influence your daily life. Examine which ones are helping you grow, and which could be limiting you. Assess your behavior. Think about scenarios where you acted in negative or toxic ways and think about why. If you look at the toxic behavior, you might discover that the underlying cause is limiting beliefs.


Is there a moment when these occur, where you can take some time to pause and to think whether you have some choice over this situation?


Reframing your mindset is to introduce a new internal dialogue. You can change limiting beliefs over time by using different approaches: If you want better beliefs to guide your thinking and choices, you have to work on yourself. Self-improvement is important as it can increase self-awareness and help you overcome weaknesses. It can be hard tracing your limiting beliefs on your own. People have often grown into the old pattern and belief systems and they are so used to them, that it`s difficult to track them. The coach can help you shed some light on what your limiting beliefs may be and offer a suggestion on how to change the narrative. Having someone to talk this through without judgment or opinion can.be incredibly helpful and may be exactly what you need to make a change.
If you struggle with low self-esteem, it can be hard to establish positive beliefs. However, positive affirmations are a great way to help improve your self-esteem. Affirmations make you speak about yourself positively, and hopefully, with time, you`ll begin believing your affirmations.

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