Get Your Complete Professional Online Profile done-for-you in only 8 weeks.

Professional Done-For-You Online Branding Services.. Hit the ground running with an established brand… Let’s turn your business idea into a reality by creating a professional online profile for you. In addition you will get your first sales funnel for generating customers automatically to your business.

Building a brand just got easier… For years, the only way to make a brand was to go through tedious and endless hours of struggle. You had to do the work all yourself, even if it would have been more productive to outsource it to experts. That all changes with our Realization Package.

Now you can learn what goes into building a brand and your own brand built for you with our proven team of experts. We will carefully examine your needs, wants, and desires before creating a beautiful work of art you can call yours.

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Branding Packages

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This is What You Get:

6 Online Training Lessons

While you will have the framework done for you, it is still essential to know the information. These training sessions will equip you so you can take the rings from where we left off and start building your dream business aligned with your vision. Through education and coaching, we are guiding you in creating your professional identity.

Professional Photoshoot Session

Receive world-class photos with the help of our professional Photographer, Fashion Stylist, and Makeup Artist. First impressions matter, especially in the online world; now you can stand out and showcase yourself in the best light possible.

Social Media Management & Digital Marketing

You will get a digital marketing strategy for one year, in addition to a comprehensive Social Media management package for 30 days, including content production for each of your channels, comprising 30 posts, 12 Reels, and 60 stories. And we will launch the marketing campaign for your first Sales Funnel Promotion.

Promotional Videos

We produce high-quality videos for your business presentation to be used on your website, perfect for engaging your audience on Social Media, and driving success through impactful commercial ads for your first sales funnel, included video script, editing, video effects and guidance for performance.

Done-for-you Websites

Receive four ready-to-go pages built in WordPress so you can quickly have your site up and running. Design and development can quickly become expensive and frustrating; let us handle the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the seamless pages.

Launch Your Brand The Right Way

No more waiting, no more trials and errors, and no more what if’s; now you can enjoy a beautiful done-for-you brand so you can start raking in the business like never before. Let us handle the hard work, hassle, and tedious details so you can focus on the bigger picture and build your dream business.

Get your work done-for-you by the Industry Experts

Coach Marie is a certified Life and Business Coach, a Personal Brand Expert, and the founder of Eagle Consulting – a digital marketing agency.

She knows the traps, and she fully understands that it’s not easy to build authority online and make your name in the cutthroat competition since she possesses over 20 years of experience promoting and helping companies and entrepreneurs with their online presence.

At the same time, she takes pride in using her experiences to help start and build companies. Use her branding and marketing knowledge to assist independent professionals.
And leverage her Life – and business coach – experience to support business owners and entrepreneurs in their businesses.

She knows the challenges, obstacles, struggles and insecurities businesses and entrepreneurs face and knows how to get through them.

Coach Marie Aase is a Public Speaker and Educator. She has a unique ability to convey information with depth and simplicity to the heart and mind of the recipient, through the combination of energy, teachings, examples, and interesting stories that she is using in her way of teaching to make you visualize and understand the subject.

Marie Aase

The Formalities

Coach Marie Aase is a Trainer and Educator

Get your work done by proven team of Experts:

Coach Marie Aase and her team of experts are here to make your Complete Professional Profile Online by using the latest technology, so you be 100% satisfied about the result of your Professional Online Presence  in the market, with activating your digital marketing system for  getting more costumes to your business.


The All-in-One - Done-for-you Service
$ 6500
  • Total Value: $11,500
  • Full Price: $7,500
  • SPECIAL OFFER: $6,500
  • 3 months Down Payment option
Limited Offer

The Branding Package consists of:

Skip the noise and get straight to business with our done-for-you package.

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THEME: Branding & Values, character strength, personality type & biography


  • Information video (about creating your identity+ branding)
  • Assignment video (the identity pillars)
  • Worksheet (information + you write it down)

THEME: Planning for the professional photos, the use of photos. Finding your professional visual expression.


  • Information video (About profiling)
  • Assignment video (How to make a professional profile)
  • Worksheet (information + After listening to the meditation, you write down everything that came up during the meditation)

THEME: How to segment the market, find your niche and choosing target audience


  • Information video (about market segmentation & Niche)
  • Assignment video
  • Worksheet (information + write it down)

THEME: Going through the 7 steps for creating a website. It’s time to choose how you’d like your website to look like and which functionalities you’d like to have..


  • Information video (about Building your website)
  • Assignment video (The 7 steps to build your website)
  • Worksheet (information + write your own info from all the 7 steps)

THEME: Some SoMe platforms you can be present in, how to use SoMe, SoMe stratety.


  • Information video (about Social Media Profiling)
  • Assignment video (Social media Profiling)
  • Worksheet (information + write)


How to build your Lead Generator System and get clients automatically


Online Live Session – Learn about the 4 Sales Funnels and how to use them to generate leads automatically to your business. 

  • Worksheet (information + write)

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Branding Packages

Program Starting Dates


More details in the main page


More details in the main page


More details in the main page


More details in the main page


What Clients Say

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get live online training with Coach Marie, where you will work on creating your biography and following with creating your professional identity, and at the same time, you work to find out how you want to represent yourself online. In the program of the Realization Package, you will outline your design ideas for your website and our team of experts is working with the tasks to create everything you need to create your professional foundation online, from a high-end website, profiles on Social Media profiles and in the end, we will create your first Sales Funnel, that’s leading potential customers to your business.
All the work and technical tasks are taken care of by our team of experts, while you can sit back and enjoy the momentum.


The Realization Package is for every Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Artist, Dentist, or anyone who is a Personal Brand who wants to build their online foundation and professional profile online.


  • You have to participate in the 6 online training sessions (each session is 2 hours) Every module has a Worksheet that every participant has to complete (with the information required to create your professional identity and make your online foundation)
  • Participating in two 1:1 online coaching sessions with the Coach
  • In-person participation – a 3 hours session with the Fashion Stylist
  • In-person participation – the Photoshoot session of 4 hours with the Photography team and Make-up Artist.
  • In-person participation – 3 hours video shoot session (for making your presentation video and Ad videos).
  • Communicating and revising of the different productions phases
  • In-person participation – Celebration Event, where you can launch and present your new professional online profile and yourself as a Personal Brand.

In the programs 8 weeks period, it’s required of the participants to be present in-person in the production location 4 times on different days, as presented in the Timeline Realization Package (details provided above)


The Realization Package now has a promotional price of $10,000 for the first 50 signing up (the full price is $11,000). 

We accept any payment method and we are offering the flexibility to pay either the full amount upfront, which is $10,000, or opt for a 3-installment payment plan. The first installment of $5,135 is required upon ordering, followed by a second installment of $2,567.5 after 30 days, and a final installment of $2,567.5 due after 60 days.

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