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About Me

Hi! I'm Marie

Coach Marie is a certified Life and Business Coach, a Personal Brand Expert, and the founder of Eagle Consulting – a digital marketing agency.

She knows the traps, and she fully understands that it’s not easy to build authority online and make your name in the cutthroat competition since she possesses over 20 years of experience promoting and helping companies and entrepreneurs with their online presence.

At the same time, she takes pride in using her experiences to help start and build companies. Use her branding and marketing knowledge to assist independent professionals.
And leverage her Life – and business coach – experience to support business owners and entrepreneurs in their businesses.

She knows the challenges, obstacles, struggles and insecurities businesses and entrepreneurs face and knows how to get through them.

Marie Aase

The Formalities

Coach Marie Aase is a Trainer and Educator


My Life Journey


Getting clarity about what I wanted in life, was a game-changer for me. When I finally got the clarity of who I was. I understood my life purpose and my imagination started visualizing all the things that
what were possible and I started to create my vision. From then everything got easier. I was more confident because I knew better who I was, I knew where I was going, and also my mission to serve others. I’m working for a purpose higher than myself.

Achieve Your Goals

My challenge has always been, I want too much to fast… I´m either 150% on or I don´t feel engaged with the project. I have worked with slowing down, spending less energy, involving in fewer projects, and acknowledging
that things sometimes take time. I remind myself of this, every day. So setting goals is not something you do on Monday and can expect to be finished on Friday. Setting goals can be time-consuming and sometimes you need to adopt different characterizations of yourself.

Get Balance In Life

The keyword in my life is balance. I have learned that I need both to thrive and to sit down and meditate. I used to be bad with making relaxation a priority because I felt it was weak to just sit down and don´t do anything.
When relaxing became a value, something I needed to have a balance, I understood how important it is to have the balance I needed in life. Being out hiking or just enjoying nature is medicine to me and yoga is the new way of working out. When I have the balance I’m at peace with myself and life feels great!


What Make Me Special?

Coach Marie Aase is a Public Speaker and Educator. She has a unique ability to convey information with depth and simplicity to the heart and mind of the recipient, through the combination of energy, teachings, examples, and interesting stories that she is using in her way of teaching to make you visualize and understand the subject.

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