I was fortunate to meet Life and Business Coach Marie Aase, a true expert in bringing out the best in people and showcasing their potential on social media. She quickly identified me as a “blue person” and suggested a slight adjustment to my dressing style. With the help of styling expert Janne Celin Johansen, we had a fun and stylish photo session for my website. The whole experience, guided by Marie’s cheerful presence, took only 3 hours but left a profound impact on both my appearance and inner self. I highly recommend her services for anyone ready to embrace positive change!

Arild Pedersen

Sales Coach & Business Consultant

Thanks, Marie, your coaching is amazing and helps me to refocus and embody higher versions of myself.

Even in this incredibly challenging time, I was able to pass on positivity as I was slaying it at work, thanks to you.

Thanks for the amazing work you do.

Cara Sadira

Founder Rising up Adventures

I experience Marie as a fresh, warm, committed and trust-inspiring coach.
In the conversations we have had, she has assisted me in sorting out thoughts and feelings, challenged me to recall previous experiences and helped me to create good, visual images. Thanks to Marie, I have gained good tools in my everyday life that I can use when I need them.

Ingrid Dietrichson

Author and Coach

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